COMPLETE Commercial Furnishings, LLC

Complete is a focused collaboration of highly successful independent manufacturers’ representatives.

Decades of high performance and experience in commercial interiors allows us to pick the very best brands in our industry to represent.

We work as a team with one focus in mind; to provide the best experience possible for our clients.

We are known for launching complex new to market products while also growing our established brands.

Our brand package is cohesive and seamless purposely curated to work together just like our team.

COMPLETE is certified as a SDVOSB –
a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business.

Let's find solutions.

Jeff DellaMaggiora

Jeff DellaMaggiora

“We are in the business of solving problems.”

Favorite thing: Bitcoin

Guilty Pleasure: Cat videos

Allison DellaMaggiora

Allison DellaMaggiora

“Each of us brings our own industry experience and unique perspective to our group. The result is an unbeatable team.”

Favorite things: Family and vacuuming.

Guilty Pleasure: Folding memo samples.

Tracy Lenahan

“We are creative problem solvers, naturally curious, die-hard supporters of our brands and clients. Putting their needs first guides our decisions.”

Favorite things: Traveling and our pup, Beatrice.

Guilty Pleasure: Binging true crime TV.

Kelly Bowen

Kelly Bowen

“When I went to school for design, I assumed I would work for a firm. But as a rep I get to work with all firms in all different markets. It’s the best of both worlds.”

Favorite Things: All dogs. Every. Kind. Love them.

Guilty Pleasure: Gopuff